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Equipment List

Down below is a list of the equipment that I use regularly for shoots.  I prioritize capturing quality content in every production that I do.
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Canon 80D | Primary Camera

Canon 7D | Secondary Camera

Canon T2i | Backup Camera

Adobe Premier | Video Editing

Adobe Lightroom | Photo Editing

Adobe Audition | Audio Editing

Photoshop | Graphics and Advanced Photo Editing


24-105mm L-Series | Everyday Lens

70-200mm L-Series | Long distance shots

100mm prime | Shallow DOF in long distances

35mm prime | Shallow DOF in close distances

10-18mm | Wide angle lens


Zoom H4n Pro | Sound Recorder

Rode Mic VideoPro | Directional Audio

Lapel Mic | Quality capture in difficult environments

Boom Pole | Capture sound up close

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