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About Me

Photographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

My Beginnings as a Visual Artist

As a teenager, I began experimenting with a DSLR taking pictures of my track and cross country team.  At first, I had no idea what I was doing but it was a hobby that I enjoyed doing.  Ever since then, I continued taking pictures and videos at events that I went to, updating social media accounts, participated in casual and professional opportunities.  


As time moved forward, my skill and gear improved.  I continued capturing and telling stories in every opportunity that I had.  I take pictures from every angle and I pay attention to every second of each video.  I continue to work on my content until it is perfect either for myself or for the client that I am working with.

Jobs I Serve:

Common Engagements:

Portrait Photography
Event Videography/Photography
Vlog/Speaker Recordings
Live Music Photos/Video
Sports Capture

Previous Jobs

Media Producer and Group Leader

UC Berkeley

I worked in a group of twenty kids and three group leaders. The program lasted from 9:00 AM till 4:15PM.  I served as a media producer to create still photography and video for their website.  

Summer and Fall Intern

South Bay Church

I was a video producer and my job was to create informative and creative videos that were shown on Sunday services or during small group sessions. Staff created the ideas and I implemented the vision behind them and contributed to the hands on work of filming/editing those videos.


Productions Assistant


I communicated between 3 campuses to provide an equivalent experience through the tech productions of weekly events. I operated in every position and was the director for multiple Sunday events.

Chick Fil A

Social Media Intern

Took photos at important restaurant events and managed the Instagram account to make weekly posts capturing the life of a Chick Fil A worker and attendee.

PSAV(Presentation Services Audio Visual)

Audio Visual Technician

Worked with other technicians to set up and tear down for small and large company events at hotels and convention centers.  This included setting up sound, power, lights, presentation and proper cable management.  I helped serve various tech companies, medical companies and more.

Independent Photographer and Filmmaker

Over the past several years of my life, I captured photos and highlight reels of family events, weddings, testimonies, ministries, and more.

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